Creating New Solutions to Support New Endeavours for Transformative Integrated Solutions (TIS)

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Before TIS came to Platinum Cubed, they had an idea of how they could take the next step to serve new customers better than they ever have before. What they didn’t have was a solution for how they could make this idea a reality. The TIS team wanted to connect customers to the best Wealth Managers but didn’t know how to connect the two without adding too many pieces to the puzzle.

This is where P3 shines!

Innovation and Bringing Our Customer’s Vision to Life.

TIS had a great idea and needed a solution that would be easiest for everyone involved to utilize. Integration was key. A simple interface that was easy to use for users at each end was crucial.

TIS needed a lot more than just a platform to make their dream become a reality. Our team helped TIS design the entire end-to-end business process from their initial concept. This brought their idea to life!

Then, Platinum Cubed gave them an entire suite of reports and dashboards within their new Salesforce solution to help them track usage, acceptance of appointments, and potential revenue. This is key to the success of the project as TIS makes a profit when a Wealth Manager accepts a customer. For the new program to work, their new Salesforce Solution had to be top-notch! Another important piece of the puzzle was ensuring that multiple Wealth Managers couldn’t claim the same appointments and double book clients.

P3: Bringing Simplicity to a Unique Project

Platinum Cubed’s team developed a solution that can be simplified into three steps. Our solution for TIS would bring together all the moving parts into one system that would allow the process to be streamlined and executed with ease.

TIS now has a solution that will:

1) Make sign-up and registration simple for Wealth Managers

2) Allow customers to fill out an appointment request through Calendly

3) Integrate Calendly appointments with Salesforce to allow Wealth Managers to claim appointments and receive customer profiles

Platinum Cubed: Creating a Solution to Fit Everyone’s Needs

Not only is the Salesforce cloud-based solution going to provide TIS with the ability to bring Wealth Managers and customers together faster than ever before, but they also are able to do so faster than they expected.

Platinum Cubed was determined to build a solution for TIS that would surpass their expectations. This goal was not only met, but our team completed the project faster than expected and on budget!

The P3 team is determined to listen to each of our clients and provide them with a solution that will set them apart from anyone else in their space. Are you ready to see what P3 can do for you? Contact us today to learn more.