Maximize Investor, Deal, and Asset Management with Expert Salesforce Implementation

Platinum Cubed will Optimize your Salesforce Presence to More Efficiently Onboard, Analyze, and Retain Your Key Investment, Acquisition, and Asset Opportunities.
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Common Real Estate Investment Needs

Your real estate business is expanding and in need of great tools to scale! A few needs we often find when meeting initially with clients are:

Common Real Estate Investment Needs

Your real estate business is expanding and in need of great tools to scale! A few needs we often find when meeting initially with clients are:

Onboarding Investors

Deal Management

Asset Management

Reporting Metrics

Onboarding Investors

The onboarding process for new investors is often disorganized and slow, making your business feel unprofessional, but you haven’t have the time to optimize your process.

Deal Management

Your business needs to efficiently find the acquisition deals and organize purchasing without siloing off your Deal Management Division.

Asset Management

You need to ensure and track that your assets are cash-flow positive with current trends and projections on occupancy and profit-and-loss performance.

Reporting Metrics

Your Investors need detailed and easy-to-digest reports to make them feel confident in their trust in your portfolio, but it’s difficult to migrate your current reporting software to one that’s more polished.

Platinum Cubed is Best Salesforce Solution for Real Estate

That's where Platinum Cubed comes in - we're here to help you build and manage a Salesforce system that allows you to automate excellence into your real estate business.

Easy-to-Use CRM Software

With Platinum Cubed, you get a Customer Relationship Management Software that you don’t have to manage day to day will help you scale your business without having to hire new people.

Reporting Excellence

We'll help to build out the automated reporting structure so that you and your investors are able to see the big picture of your business and make profitable decisions effectively and quickly.

De-Silo Your Team

Effective Salesforce implementation allows for your Investor, Deal, Asset, and Reporting Teams to operate at peak capacity with effective reporting and organization.

Quick Implementation Services

With Platinum Cubed, your Salesforce will be up and running within weeks, not months. It's time to scale faster and more efficiently.

Integration and Scalability

Platinum Cubed provides a flexible and scalable platform that integrates seamlessly with other systems and applications used in commercial lending, such as loan origination systems, credit scoring models, and regulatory compliance tools.

Data-Driven Decision Making

P3 emphasizes leveraging data insights to make informed decisions and optimize business strategies. Salesforce offers advanced analytics capabilities that enable commercial lenders to analyze loan performance, assess risk factors, and identify opportunities for revenue growth.

What Platinum Cubed Clients Have to Say

Valuable Partnership
Platinum Cubed LLC has been a very valuable partner to our organization providing superior Salesforce knowledge and solutions to our matters. All projects are handles to our ongoing satisfaction, resolved in timely manner and manage efficiently. I would highly recommend Platinum Cubed Partners to any client!
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The Best of the Best
Our project had many moving parts and unique requirements that demanded attention to detail, solid and effective communication, and creative thinking. P3 nailed all of those! I wholeheartedly recommend them. Five out of five stars!
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Easy Transitions
Platinum Cubed was invaluable in our transition to Salesforce. They assisted our group every step of the way. From development and decisions through training, they were always available and willing to help. We couldn't have had such a successful implementation without partnering with them.
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Real Estate Success with Platinum Cubed

Our Real Estate clients have had tremendous success after working with Platinum Cubed, and your firm can experience that exact same success!

Fundraising Lift

On Average, Platinum Cubed assisted in organizing $125 Million in Fundraising within one year of utilizing Salesforce solutions.

From Interested to Investor

In a study done with one of our Real Estate firms, Platinum Cubed was able to help achieve an additional 20% faster lead conversion for potential investors.

SEC Compliance

Platinum Cubed Salesforce implementations have assisted firms in cutting SEC marketing material compliance reporting time by 30%.

Onboarding Ease

Platinum Cubed can help Real Estate firms cut down their investor intake & onboarding time by up to 50%.

Cost-Effective Solutions

A fully trained Salesforce admin costs a company on average $104,000 – without any development costs. Platinum Cubed provides the entire Salesforce team for a fraction of that cost.

All of This and More!

Do you have a specific success metric that you're looking for? Reach out to our team and we'll help showcase our experience in your niche.

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