Platinum Cubed Employee Spotlight: Michael Sabino

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Our team and our culture are a vital piece to Platinum Cubed, our success and our clients’ success. Over the last 15 – 18 months, we have carefully constructed a team that would not only work synergistically together, but would have a heart for helping provide our clients value and bring about great success. 

When we consider the team culture at Platinum Cubed and who captures our values and client centric focus, Michael Sabino quickly comes to mind.

A journey like none other.

Throughout high school and college Michael worked in retail. Some may glaze over this experience, but at Platinum Cubed we can see, and appreciate, the level of customer service he provides which was learned and honed throughout his retail and post-collegiate work experience. With his BA in sociology and a minor in management information systems, Michael has an education that backs his abilities to understand our clients and the technology we utilize. 

Michael was introduced to Salesforce about 3 years ago by his sister which kick-started his career in the industry. After being let go by a previous employer due to the pandemic, Michael was connected to Brittany Hart (CEO) and Sharon Lorenz (COO) of Platinum Cubed. This is where his journey with Platinum Cubed began. 

Engagement Leads to Success.

Michael has been with Platinum Cubed as a Consultant for eight months. Though he hasn’t been here long, he’s made a major impact for our clients. Daily, he is touching base with clients to ensure project progression is occurring. He understands that consistent communication with our clients will lead to success and client satisfaction. 

Every project Michael works on is a little different, as it is vital that we treat each client at Platinum Cubed as an individual. We don’t believe in “cookie cutter” solutions, and he lives this out daily. Whether he is building new Salesforce orgs, optimizing existing Salesforce orgs, or, in some cases, merging orgs together, Michael is focused on providing an implementation that will fit a client’s specific needs.

Analyzing the needs of our clients to bring more personalization than ever before.

Data and analytics are strengths that Michael brings to the table daily with every client he interacts with. He loves the process of data loading assignments and utilizes the information shared by clients to go the extra mile in truly delivering a solution they need. 

Michael also utilizes his analytical mind to problem solve and troubleshoot any issue that may arise during a project. This attribute allows him to be the touch-point throughout a project instead of having another department handle the troubleshooting process. It’s just another one of the many ways Michael leads our clients through their projects providing value each step of the way. 

A synergistic relationship with a mutually positive impact.

The impact Michael has had on Platinum Cubed and our clients is clear, but the story doesn’t end there. Michael talks about how much of an impact Platinum Cubed has had on his life and his lifestyle. Since Michael’s role at Platinum Cubed is remote, he has flexibility like no other position he has ever had. He is able to assist his parents with their recent move and is able to care for them much more than before. 

Michael also mentioned that prior to coming to Platinum Cubed, he was having to medicate his  rescue dog on a daily basis to treat his anxiety. This bothered Michael, but what option did he have? Now that he is home full-time, he no longer has to do this!

Platinum Cubed also makes mentorship a priority for their employees. They mentor their employees to help them learn and grow to develop their strengths to build a career they love and are proud of! This was a key component missing from previous companies Michael worked with, and now he knows he has the support he needs to learn and grow to reach his greatest potential with Platinum Cubed!

Working with P3 has been very rewarding so far, I’ve worked on multiple projects and have been able to grow my skills tremendously. I’m looking forward to the future with P3 and am really excited about the growth of the company!”

    ~ Michael Sabino