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Salesforce Staffing is more difficult than ever

We are in a transitional phase where technology integration is utilized to drive growth and success. With everything going digital, companies are looking for top technology that can help boost their presence in the public sphere.

Salesforce Staffing with Platinum Cubed

The world is transforming at an unprecedented pace. Businesses can no longer withstand the competition by relying on traditional methods. To stay ahead of your competitors, you need to get in the game and digitally transform. And your transformation needs to be speedy, flexible, and scalable in the long run.

One of the mainstream and most sought technologies is Salesforce. Over 150,000 companies have Salesforce’s CRM platform integrated into their business. With its powerful customer base and high market value and ROI—it attracts businesses from differing industries.

More than that, the global CRM leader can streamline your sales, service, and marketing needs. Over 3,000 apps are integrated for direct and ease of use. Also, this allows you a 360-degree view of your business growth and customer process.

Since Salesforce provides information and can be integrated with powerful systems, you can ensure your company’s success across borders. Further proving that Salesforce is a powerful tool that is used to bridge companies and their customers.

Industries are quick to partner with Salesforce consulting experts to oversee and leverage the platform to grow their business. And as you’re considering it, we know what you’re thinking—how can you make sure you’re getting the right people for your CRM needs?

Grow your business with Salesforce CRM

As it always, there is a risk. And the great thing about risks is that they can be calculated. So, we understand if you want to delve deeper and learn more about Salesforce and what hiring an expert staff member could mean for your business.

Why do you need a professional to configure your Salesforce

Simply integrating Salesforce into your business operation does not guarantee you reap all the benefits it offers.

Salesforce can only transform your business if configured correctly, maintained, and updated regularly.

Before you can think of designating an existing employee in hopes of “saving cost,” we’re here to intervene in that thought. It’s not an advisable solution, and it won’t go the way you think it will. Nor will it resolve your Salesforce issue.

Businesses that are short on resources, end up implementing the software themselves. They think if they “DIY” this project it will be sufficient. On the other hand, others invest in hiring an expert to handle the digital and technical side of their business process.

We recommend the latter because it pays to hire an expert to provide solutions. And we’re not just saying this because we’re a Salesforce consulting company. We have seen businesses fail to maximize the software up to its full potential. As a result, they give up on the platform. Not only did they miss the chance to see a return on their investment but also it cost them more than it could have hired an expert.

When it comes to Salesforce configuration, we’re talking about technology that is beyond the basic HTML tags and attributes. The setup does not stop after creating your account and uploading your files to the cloud.

In the long run, it will benefit you to hire someone with proper knowledge and technical skills to carry out what needs to be done to ensure your Salesforce solution is configured to meet your business’s specific needs.

Staffing isn't just a Salesforce Issue, it's a business issue

Staffing isn’t just a Salesforce issue, it’s a business issue

Every business function that depends on skilled employees to drive the business forward is susceptible to staffing problems. There will always be solutions to these problems. But as decision-makers of a business, you want a solution that provides an ROI. And if possible, one that guarantees you resolve the problem.

The tricky thing with Salesforce is that it needs to be customized. To truly utilize the software and all that it offers the pieces all need to be put in the right place. With the right configuration, you can wire your Salesforce to keep up with the growth of your business. For that to happen, it requires time and manpower to keep track of the changes.

You already know you can’t just appoint anyone to handle your Salesforce.

Does this mean it’s time to recruit and put out a job posting?

Before you ask HR to do that, consider if you and your people have enough resources to do what will be necessary to ensure your CRM is keeping up with your business. Think about the additional workload for your team, the added cost, and the time allocated to sort through resumes and scheduling of interviews. The longer it takes you to find a qualified candidate, the more it delays your Salesforce implementation and management.

Shall we take it a step further? Let’s say you found a qualified candidate. They’re experts on tags and attributes, say they also have been working in your industry. Thus, they have knowledge on how things operate and can keep up with industry trends. It is still your responsibility to equip them with the right Salesforce training and tools to succeed.

In the end, there are more added costs to your added costs.

Finding the right solution

It takes a team to implement and maintain the platform in the long run. We’re not just talking about one guy. So, think of your recruitment process quadrupled.

Are you and your team ready to invest that much time and money?

Take a new look at Salesforce Staffing

Luckily for you, you don’t have to put the stress on yourself or your company. Platinum Cubed offers a solution that not only saves you time and money but also guarantees you see an immediate return on your investment.

A new look at Salesforce Staffing

Every business owner wants a cost-efficient and effective solution to every problem they have. We get it. We’re business owners ourselves.

Bringing new technology into your business process and operation is a huge risk and a costly investment. But, as we said, risks can be calculated.

Among the services Platinum Cubed offers, we highlight Pathfinder. We offer a middle ground solution for businesses that wants the best CRM solution. A solution that grows with their business through innovations and amidst business shifts.

With Pathfinder, you can save time and money while making sure you have all the expert support and advice you need to maximize the value of your Salesforce investment. We want to help you get the most out of Salesforce.

But what exactly is Pathfinder, and how will this help your business?

Platinum Cubed’s Pathfinder, also known as Fractional Salesforce Support and Administration functions as a solution to the Salesforce staffing issue that most businesses face now.

We’re here to take care of all your Salesforce administration and support needs. From implementation to the maintenance of the software, we got it covered.

No more shuffling through resumes and scheduling interviews. You don’t have to pull your guy from IT department for training on Salesforce. You can have a team ready to perform on their first day.

But that’s not the best part.

We know that having basic Salesforce skills is not enough to take your business to the next level. Salesforce is not all about modifying and customizing codes to ensure your workflow goes smoothly, but it also needs to be targeted and secured for your intended customer.

Thus, our team of professionals is both skilled in Salesforce and knowledgeable in your industry trends, challenges, and best practices. This way you don’t have to wait to start implementing your vision or delay meaningful results while you orient your team and get them up to speed.

It may sound too good to be true, but it’s here and we’re ready to offer our services. Our Pathfinder service is the perfect solution to your Salesforce staffing needs.

On top of resolving your Salesforce staffing issue, we also consider the other variables that you probably haven’t considered yet. Aside from Salesforce optimization, we also offer continued support until you and your business see a return on your investment.

Improve your Salesforce Staffing with Platinum Cubed Pathfinder

Learn more about how Platinum Cubed can be your salesforce staffing solution!

Whether you’re an existing Salesforce customer trying to figure out how to get maximum value from your investment or a potential customer wondering if this whole Salesforce thing is right for your business, we’re offering you a much better solution!

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