Take a Risk: Start Doing Business a Different Way

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It’s easy to fall into the habit of doing business the same way month after month, year after year. We all get into routines. No matter if it’s in our businesses or personal lives, routines help us be more efficient and consistent. But they can lead us to become stuck as well.

It’s time to take a risk and change the way you’ve been doing business.

Take a Risk Start Doing Business a Different Way

I know. It sounds a bit harsh, but if you aren’t changing, you aren’t growing.

This is especially true in certain industries. In real estate, things are constantly changing. If you’re stuck and doing things the same way you did ten years ago, you’ll be left behind.

It’s easy to be reactive and not proactive. We all tend to react to things when they happen. Instead, however, we should be proactive and take action, when possible, beforehand.

Risk can, and should, be calculated.

When you’re proactive, risk can become more calculated. You don’t have to sit and wait to be forced into a change you’re not sure you want and may not be ready for. Calculated risk can reap great rewards – especially when you’re proactive.

In real estate, risk needs to be more calculated than in other industries, but you can still reap great rewards.

Taking risks can have a big return on your business. For many businesses, the rewards can go far beyond financial gain. For example, taking risks can lead to more innovation, learning, and more opportunities.

Risk can, and should, be calculated

In her article “Why Risk Taking is Important in Business

”, the author, Kerry Anne Nelson says, “Innovation cannot happen without risk. Innovation involves changing how people do things. It is about sharing and teaching what we know and putting new ideas into practice.”

Taking risks can and lead to much more than just added revenue when an idea works. It leads to growth.

That growth can only happen, however, if you’re implementing risk the right way.

It’s the implementation of the risks you take that really counts.

It’s one thing to take a risk and just see where it takes you and your company. It’s a completely different story to have an implementation process that leads to taking risks in the right areas.

Taking a risk and implementing it in the right way will allow your company to have a predictable process of managing the risks being taken. You can implement risk-taking as an entire company, but if there isn’t an implementation process, there becomes too much opportunity for things to fall apart.

What are the goals you’re working towards when taking risks in your business?

It’s the implementation of the risks you take that really counts. (1)

For many, it’s innovation and growth. These are the primary goals that businesses look to achieve by taking risks. If this is true for your company, then you need to ask yourself about the strategy you have in place.

If innovation and growth are the primary goals of taking risks, then you should have an Innovation Strategy in place. What’s more, risk-taking needs to be an active part of that strategy.

It’s easy to get stuck in quicksand.

If you’re not taking risks, you’re limiting yourself and your business. Soon enough, you’ll find your business sitting in quicksand. Slowly, your business will go under and before you know it you won’t know how to save it.

It sounds dramatic – put in today’s economy, it’s the truth.

Though there are some businesses that fail because they took too many risks, but many grow when they start taking risks!

There are many different areas risk can pay off in business. These are areas that you can take risks in your business and see a return that will help your business grow.

It’s easy to get stuck in quicksand.

Some of these areas include:

  • Technology
  • New products or services 
  • Marketing practices
  • Company Culture

Many of these areas are no-brainers. If you take a risk on a new product or by marketing differently, it can lead to growth. But, one area not enough companies, especially those in real estate, are taking a risk is with their technology.

Oftentimes, those in the real estate industry are so overwhelmed with their business, they aren’t able to slow down and consider the reward of taking risks.

Many become very reactionary in their responses.

One of the biggest ways we’ve noticed real estate businesses reaping great rewards is by taking a risk and changing the technology they use to run their business. It’s difficult to move away from what you know, but your current technology could be slowing you down and hindering your effectiveness for your clients.

It’s time to be proactive.

One of the best ways to change the way you do business is to change the tools being used to get the job done.

If you are looking for a way to implement change, and risk, in your business, take a look at the tools you’re using on a daily basis. Your technology could be holding you back, but if you’re continuing to use your current solution because it’s, “what’s comfortable”, it’s time to take a risk.

You may not be familiar with Salesforce or the solutions that are available to meet your needs as a real estate investor, lender, or broker. However, our team is!

It is our job to help you take a calculated risk that will help you become more effective and efficient in the job you do. Serving your clients faster is the best way to help your company stay relevant in the real estate market today.

Partnering with us is a risk worth taking and can be a total game changer!

Changing the Game: Stop Scrambling & Start Strategizing With Salesforce for Real Estate

Changing the Game Stop Scrambling & Start Strategizing With Salesforce for Real Estate

Recently, our team released a white paper detailing the impact the proper Salesforce solution can have on your real estate business. From growing your database to closing deals faster, you can count on our team providing a Salesforce Solution that is worth the risk.

Doing “business as usual” is holding you back! It’s time to take a risk and upgrade the technology you’re using to run and grow your business.

You can download the complete white paper here to read more about how Salesforce is changing the game in the real estate industry.

Partnering with Platinum Cubed will equip you with the tools you need to take the necessary risks to be more effective than ever before.

In today’s economy, it can feel a bit overwhelming to make changes and take risks in certain areas. This is especially true when it comes to the technology you’ve become comfortable using.

Platinum Cubed is committed to providing your team with a solution that will make the change feel much less risky. There is risk in everything. Isn’t it as much risk, if not a greater one, to continue using a solution that isn’t meeting your needs?

If you’re ready to learn more about how a new Salesforce solution can help improve your team’s effectiveness, contact us today! We would love to learn more about your real estate business and share how our team can help you reach your goals.