White Paper: Changing the Game of Real Estate

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The real estate landscape has undergone significant changes. Currently, the market is experiencing a downturn in mortgage applications, altering dynamics for brokers and investors alike. Despite lower volumes, the necessity to remain agile and prepared for swift action is more crucial than ever. Lingering economic uncertainties continue to pose challenges, making it difficult to forecast future trends accurately. However, this also means that each opportunity—whether in buying, selling, or managing properties—needs to be capitalized on promptly to stay ahead in a competitive environment.

The market may have shifted completely by the end of this year. And next year will bring opportunities and challenges of its own.

But that’s the attraction of real estate, right? Change is constant, but so are chances to succeed. No matter what’s happening with the market, there are always opportunities if you’re ready to seize them.

The key is being ready. You need to be able to recognize opportunities quickly and act fast to take advantage before someone else does. You have to be able to try things, learn from your results, and adjust on the fly. To do this, you need easy access to data, smooth communication, and coordination across your entire portfolio from investor relations to asset management.

Unfortunately, most real estate businesses don’t operate like this. Instead, data sits in individual spreadsheets and email chains. Communication is fragmented, and handoffs between departments are stressful. Work gets duplicated — or overlooked — and it’s nearly impossible to do things quickly or pivot to a new strategy. You’re left scrambling to try to meet deadlines and placate investors.

We’re here to tell you something exciting: it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a better way to do business and we’ve seen it work for our customers again and again. By adopting Salesforce you can transform your real estate business and set yourself up to thrive no matter what the market brings.

With the help of Platinum Cubed, our clients have used Salesforce to grow their investor bases, improve investor relationships, speed up the acquisition process, and adopt a strategic, unified approach to asset management. Keep reading to find out more about how Salesforce has benefited our clients and what it can do for your business.

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