Yoked Together to Grow Your Business for Future Success

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Growing a business can be one of the loneliest adventures you can go on. Continuing to grow for future success can be even more cumbersome, and even more isolating. It’s difficult especially for small business owners and entrepreneurs because it’s up to them to be the driving force behind the growth of your business. It can all be very overwhelming. 

This is why it’s important to find other businesses to partner with. Being joined together, or “yoked”, with other businesses who can help you reach your goals faster allows you to have less stress and be less overwhelmed. It also makes the process much less lonely. 

Become “yoked” with other businesses to share the weight of growing YOUR business.


Being yoked? What does that even really mean?

The idea of being yoked together comes from farmers who till their land with oxen. They have two oxen who need to be “tied together” so they move together to get the work done. The farmers do this by yoking them together with a piece of wood. The interesting and most important thing to notice is that not only do these farmers use two oxen instead of just one, but they must link them together to make them as effective as possible. 

The same is true for business. 

When we try to do anything alone, it makes it more difficult than it needs to be. 

In business we often believe that we have to do things on our own to make things happen the way we think we should. Some of us have even been told that if we aren’t doing it alone then we aren’t really “entrepreneurs”. The truth is, you need people. You need other businesses to become more successful.

Sometimes partnership is seen by having an actual business partner that you work with in your business daily. Other times, a partnership can be with another business who can provide strength and value in areas you may not recognize. Many times, especially in business, people don’t want to talk about their weaknesses, but this is where you can find your greatest strengths. 

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses enable you to yoke yourself to the right partners.

At Platinum Cubed, we partner with our clients by helping ensure they have the best system in place to track and leverage their client relationships. We also partner with them long-term to help ensure that as they grow, they have what they need to succeed. Our strength is implementing a strong CRM with the Salesforce platform.

We partner with Xebec Realty and serve as their outsourced Salesforce Administrator. This was an area that they could offload in order to stay tightly focused on what they do best. There was no benefit to develop deep Salesforce knowledge in house when they could be yoked together with Platinum Cubed. 

Some business owners also find that a partnership provides balance.

Balance is important because it means that you aren’t burning the candle at both ends. You aren’t trying to do things that don’t fit your strengths. Living in balance also means that you have less stress and you aren’t constantly overwhelmed. 

Finding a business you can partner or be yoked with, will allow you to grow and become more balanced and more effective. Thus, you are able to grow faster and find more success. Who are you going to yoke your business to?

At Platinum Cubed, we want to share the burden of growing your business so you can find the success you deserve! 

Success is hard to come by, especially in the times we’re living in. It’s not impossible though! Stack the cards in your favor by yoking your business to Platinum Cubed so you can leverage your customer relationships to grow your business. Stop listening to the noise, you don’t have to do this alone. 

There is more power working together than alone. 

The power of being yoked together is exponentially greater than doing it all by yourself. We were not created to do life alone. We also aren’t supposed to do business alone either! Join us and let’s shift towards working together to ensure that this next year is your best year!

Platinum Cubed is here to work with you in multiple facets. Our priority is YOU! Contact us today to talk with a team member about how our businesses can be yoked together to help you find your greatest success yet! Stop doing it alone. Eliminate the stress and overwhelm. Take control and embrace the power that can be found in yoking yourself with Platinum Cubed.